American Association of Suicidology

"Greenleaf...does a thorough and exceptional job of offering topics that are meaningful and inspirational to survivors. The book contains a holistic tone that allows it to become part of one's daily spiritual practice...and offers empowerment to survivors through positive thinking."

Friends for Survival: A National Outreach Program for Survivors of Suicide Loss

"This book would make a great gift... I know that you will indeed find each page gentle, soothing and a comfort."

National Alliance on Mental Illness, New Hampshire Chapter

"Thoughtful and well written in an easy-to-read calendar format, the book offers healing thoughts, wisdom and affirmations for each day of the year."

The Centering Corporation

"An excellent resource and a thoughtful gift."

Association for Death Education and Counseling

"This books is...a personal invitation to attend to the myriad of thoughts, feelings and reactions that characterize suicide focusing on self-discovery and transformation."

Compassion Books

"Individuals, groups and counselors will find this a helpful, thought-provoking companion in the journey of healing."

National Funeral Director's Association

"Greenleaf's a page-a-day reader offering peace and support to surviving friends and family."